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Therapsida 2

Paraburnetia wip, right dorsalProburnetia skull wip, life size


Therapsida are non-mammalian Synapsids leading from broadly and oftenly unwillingy called Pelycosauria to more mammalian (but not yet mammals) groups... This is blasphemy and I'm not paleontolyst, but guy who learned to play with mud in art shool. So, Here are the Therapsida as best as myself have mannaged to make them look decent, basing on images of bones, reading sciency stuff and rest of procrastionation rituals and it's terms of conduct.
Insert: Weird Al Yankovich, Aluminum foil!Once your Theriodont is balsamed, wrapped and mummyfied, it should look like this!This is not a dog! No cruelty on living animals! Fortunetly, these died 250 000 000 years ago! After Alita Battle Angel in cinema, draw one from memory in pub! Wake up in the morning and admire anatomycal inaccuracies! Nah, close enough!To be continued! In next episode, find out fascinating Latin sciency words and how it all will unravel into WIP again!IMG_20190502_164649.jpgIMG_20190502_164543.jpgIMG_20190502_184342.jpgIMG_20190502_184321.jpgIMG_20190502_184250.jpgIMG_20190502_172834.jpgIMG_20190502_172742.jpgIMG_20190502_172720.jpgIMG_20190503_155300.jpgIMG_20190503_154353.jpgIMG_20190504_122621.jpgIMG_20190504_160117.jpgIMG_20190504_160104.jpgIMG_20190504_160054.jpgbfe1e6fb9e0759718a5866015dff436d.0.jpgSleeping LystrosaurusLobalopexGotta walk my dog-lizardParaburnetia, needs bit more sculpting and sanding.This is Paraburnetia, have worked about one month on it for now.Now it got clawsNow it got clawsIMG_20190518_174746.jpgIMG_20190518_174737.jpgIMG_20190518_161125.jpgIMG_20190518_161111.jpgFerns WIPIMG_20190517_182617.jpgIMG_20190517_182148.jpgIMG_20190517_182050.jpg