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Svoju veliku strast pronalazi u fotografiji kojom se aktivno bavi gotovo tri godine.

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Location: Osijek, Drava

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New blog about my first exhibition :)

Pecs, Hungary

Vasarely museum


It's ok to feel disconnected sometimes. 
Our mind needs a space of their own now and then and everyone of us is obligated to give it what it demands. 
If you refuse, it will take it anyway. 
What we all need is to learn when to push for more, and when to lean back and let it recharge. For our own good

I was thinking about copying this one, and I must say the only thing that's coming to my mind is the explosion

You know that lately I have been really tired and fed up with all the work and it started feeling like I'm losing my ground. I know that a lot of creative people sometimes feel like they are losing their mind, but you just need to use that. It's part of the creative circle and you need to let the scattered pieces of your mind go

In what I can assure you is that every piece will come back to you, and when it's all gathered again you will feel so much strenght inside you and get even more inspired. Trust me, I know ;)

Mine first Exhibition photo :D

Theme was: Anna Karenina; Tolstoy

Feel free to let me know what you think :)

Jedna prošlogodišnja :)

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