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Olymus Evolt E330

Par mojih fotografija koje sam uslikao kada sam po?eo malo ozbiljnije da se bavim fotografijom. Sve fotografije su uslikane foto aparatom Olympus Evolt E330





bnw photography


Being a designer for Future is Now conference is as much as an experience as is an honor. I got to design the whole conference, from 6 big screens on the stage at Madlenianum to the press wall at the main entarnce of Hotel Moskva. I also designed credentials, Future is Now bags, folders, agenda that was sent via e-mail to our VIPs, personalized e-mail invitations, social media posts, roll ups and so on. Each and every one of these materials was an exciting challenge that I was able to easily overcome. I am really happy I played an important role in designing of the conference as well as being a big part of it.   The goal behind the conference brand was to have the feeling of luxury, but al


Turska - zemlja na dva kontinenta

Fotografije sa studentskog putovanja u Tursku. Fotografirano u 9. mjesecu 2019. Ovo su samo djelici ljepote koju zateknete kada se tamo nadete. Tesko je opisati rijecima - to jednostavno treba dozivjeti 

Carolija Bozica

Chasing dreams

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Oil on canvas Ulje na platnu 2019.