About Vijuga

Vijuga is a platform that connects artists, art lovers and sellers of materials and  accessories for artists in one unique place.

It gives artists the opportunity to present themselves, win new customers and new oportunities for present their work in galleries.

For art lovers there is opportunity to enjoy top artists and their fantastic work that they create with a lot of love and passion.

The main goal of Vijuga is to gather artists who invest in their work with a lots of love, passion and energy.

We believe that such work are most valuable.We offer sellers a top service for the promotion of their companies and products through a unique partnership system.


Tim Vijuge

Meet the people who are part of the Vijuga


Darko Grundler

Chief Leader

[email protected]

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Sara Štajcer

Marketing Jedi

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Matej Majetić

Finacial guru

[email protected]

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