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Being a designer for Future is Now conference is as much as an experience as is an honor. I got to design the whole conference, from 6 big screens on the stage at Madlenianum to the press wall at the main entarnce of Hotel Moskva. I also designed credentials, Future is Now bags, folders, agenda that was sent via e-mail to our VIPs, personalized e-mail invitations, social media posts, roll ups and so on. Each and every one of these materials was an exciting challenge that I was able to easily overcome. I am really happy I played an important role in designing of the conference as well as being a big part of it.
The goal behind the conference brand was to have the feeling of luxury, but also excitement since the whole conference revolved around experience. Using the Future is Now brand colors and "waves" I designed, I was able to create an exciting visual for the pre-events. Adding gold to the "waves" gave branding of the EXCLUSIVE CEO DAY a more luxurious feel, but remained recognizable. 
In the following images you will see all of the things I worked on and how they turned out.
If you want to see more details about the project, you can visit:

Sun and freckles 


Stars and cheeks 



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