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21.10.2019.-03.11.2019. Tema digital art

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Rainbow Smiley Faces - Illustration!  We are all different and come in all shape, color and sizes!! And that is the beauty of nature 

So, remember to always smile and be proud!

-By Dijana Art

Nowaday there is a phrase "Spill the tea" as in spill the juicy story or drama. While working on this project, I came up with the name Coffee Spill, because you don't spill gossip only when you drink tea, most of it is spilled over a cup of coffee.

During this short course, I was able to come up with two designs. Although this one was not chosen to go on the exhibition, I still find it very good and interesting.

What do you think? Mr. Bean or Coffee Spill? Which one is better? Let me know in the comments!!

-By Dijana Art


21.10.2019.-27.10.2019. Tema jesenski portreti.

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Amte Ognina changed a profile picture

- crtež u olovci (2017.); 40x50

- ulje na platnu (2009.)

- akvarel; 10x15

kombinovana tehnika olovke i digital

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